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Image: Haymaking
ID:  602
Artist:  Gauguin, Paul
Artist Birth Date:  1848
Artist Death Date:  1903
Artist Country: French
Title of Work:  Haymaking
Date of Work:  1888
Medium:  oil
Period/Style:  nineteenth century
URL:  http://www.hooiberg.info/images/schilderijen/klassiek/gauguin96.jpeg
Citation:  Wildenstein, Daniel. Gauguin: A Savage in the Making: Catalogue Raisonne of the Paintings (1873-1888) Skira, 2002, p. 399 [color]
Index Words:  hayfield, wagon, horse, haycocks, dog
Place:  France
Notes:  ^^^ A row of cocks curves back toward a horse-drawn wagon, already heavily loaded. A small dog in the foreground punctuates the row. Two men and two women, in Breton costume, work together in the field. A very similar composition, unremarked by Wildenstein, is in the New Orleans Museum of Art (ID 3608).

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