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Image: June
ID:  20
Artist:  unknown
Artist Birth Date:  
Artist Death Date:  
Artist Country: Flemish
Title of Work:  June
Date of Work:  1496-1506
Medium:  manuscript
Period/Style:  before 1500
URL:  http://ibs001.colo.firstnet.net.uk/britishlibrary/controller/textsearch?text=June+AND+Castile&y=6&x=8&start=0&idx=2
Index Words:  haycocks, sheaves, woman, rake, workers, Book of Hours
Place:  Netherlands
Notes:  Book of Hours of Joanna of Castile: (Whole folio) Calendar page for June. At top, Cancer. Historiated border of country scene outside walled village shows haymaking and goats in an enclosure with a wattle fence.

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