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Image: Hayfield
ID:  119
Artist:  Cox, David
Artist Birth Date:  1783
Artist Death Date:  1859
Artist Country: British
Title of Work:  Hayfield
Date of Work:  1833
Medium:  Watercolor
Period/Style:  Nineteenth Century
URL:  http://www.hayinart.com/images/119.jpg
Citation:  Bulletin, Rhode Island School of Design [date?] fig. 73.
Index Words:  haycart, haycock
Place:  England
Notes:  In Cox's middle period, his work reflected the influence of Constable -- 'building up a picture in bright colors with short, flickering brushtrokes...[that] achieved great results in rendering weather effects and atmosphere.' This work shows a marshy hay meadow, with a loaded cart on a low horizon under a threatening, cloudy sky.

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